blues reviewed.

David Vest with Blue Moon Marquee at Hermann's Jazz Club. November 11th.

I have a hard time dragging my fading carcass out of the house for any good reason these days, let alone to a night club. But as many of you know, I will gladly splay my eyes and ears across any stage that is set to be decorated and gutted by blue-moon-marquee. I have seen these two play a handful to 50 times or more, and on a rare occasion, with a band. On this night they were invited by David Vest and his band to open for and perform with him in his second set of the evening. (please look David up if you don't know)

Blue Moon Marquee has gradually evolved from within their influences in the realm of jazz and blues to produce a sound that is sharp and confident and as gritty and honest as some of the first recordings of blues music itself. They are and play as a duo (comprised of Jasmine Colette, stand up bass, vocals, shimy and drums (simultaneously) and A.W. Cardinal, rhythm guitar, moustache, and cigar smoked, horse trough shotgun barrelled car crash lead vocals) though they play with the sound of a full band, and goddamned. 

Their set at Hermann's was quicker than most I have seen, obviously shorter, but it seems, though I had been drinking, that they played faster as well. With their Gypsy Blues style, a sound unique to them, they delivered their new song "Hoodoo lady" clearly written by A.W. for Jasmine, who apparently practices voodoo in the badlands of Alberta in her off time. followed up by a personal favorite, "Gypsy's Life" a gutting song written in New York City during occupy wall street movement, wait for A.W. to belt out the final notes on this one, then collect your ears and arms from the back  of the bar. "Scotch Whisky" was in there with a resounding woop from the crowd who presumably hadn't heard the tune but were drunk on the substance in mention. The set finished us off with "festers and flumes" and "drifting" which can both be heard on their website and bandcamp page,(Blue Moon Marquee)but do yourself a gigantic favor and take everyone you know to see Blue Moon Marquee play live, anywhere and everywhere you can find them. THIS IS A LIVE BAND, as every band should be, but I have never witnessed sound and feeling quite like this in one night and I have been around the gymnasium a time or two. 

Now I know Mr. Vest has had a thousand reviews by a hundred people with about a million times more intellect than I, so to add to the list I will say, he is just an incredible piano player, the best I have ever witnessed and moreover he has stories of every great he ever met or played with. He's severely talented with a humble sensibility and knowledge about him, a rarity in this day and age.

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i blame it on red wine.