this is the only person I have physically defended with my fist.

we were around 7-9 years old.

our cousin was repetitively harassing him

"benji the dog"

"benji the dog"

"benji the dog"

benj and I grew up very close, in age and distance.

I couldn't handle this barrage of childhood harassment on my blood brother.

I was red with fury, as I recall, and still our cousin who was visiting from Kamloops

 (love you greg)

kept on

"benji the dog"

trevor was between us, our cousin from salmon arm(at the time)

and trevor was bigger than he or I so he didn't see me coming

(see, sucker punch)

I stepped around trevor with my arm in full swing and caught greg right in the nose

he started wailing as his lips turned red

he didn't call benj a dog again.

I had to apologise to greg, dad made me.

I imagine greg was made to apologized to benj, but I don't remember.

haven't punched anyone in anger or defence since.

I am happy about that.

benj has repaid the favor in many kinder, more passive ways since

and benj, you are a dog.