moon jellies, so many so that it seemed we were paddling on a sea of jellyfish, that had water floating around in it. with every dip, they would swirl around the paddle as it was slowly dragged through the water, this forced us to slow down, paddle cautiously, and reproduce the awe which we had just been practicing in a very close encounter with a banana slug who was devouring a mushroom with pure sensuality in some fast paced moss.

pace, and relearning the concept. no need to rush into old age, a place that some who are close to me would promise i have arrived at. but i catch myself wanting to rush, walk swiftly, on to the next great experience. eat fast, drink fast, speak fast.

i am thinking slowly. there is a large sum of thought, but i’m going through each of them as honestly and thoroughly as i know how, like the slug moving its strange mouth across the base of the mushroom, knowing that it will eventually eat the piece it has just stickily sucked past, it eats the piece next to it, saving the felt out bits for later, when time allows.

still, people ride my ass. will i ever find a place where i can drive 30km/hr on the highway? sure i will, and i’m getting close. really, there’s no need to rush it.

bluegrass in one of my many living rooms. thank god for live music.

and coffee.

sorry guts.