sept 29. jake's day.

I was fortunate enough to be raised in a home with five amazing women.

these women taught me.




as a young man I was not as aware of the greatness of these women, as I am now.

and as I grew I separated myself from them, as I have once again.

but no matter where I was, they always cared for me as they did while I as fluttering around under their protective wings,

now with age at our heels, I feel their care and love more than I ever have, my respect for them growing each day.

I am proud to stand beside them, to see them overcome and to nourish new life and strength into this world

to my mother I give thanks, for she is the power that lifts our sails, and your daughters dear mom, oh your daughters.

these women of grace. these women of awe. these women of pure heart.

these women are my heroes.