surreal puppies

the world is in a state of dispair. nothing new to report. the grass is exposing itself. warning: the lake water is still cold, and mostly covered with a solid layer of thinning ice. my foot found out due to the latter earlier today. i've decided to start a half vast count down to the 2013's maiden voyage of the "portage et trois". it has been sitting keel up for roughly seven months. i estimate that i will have it in the water by june 1st, and until then there are a few things that need to be done, first off a good cleaning, then sanding and refinishing the seats, both stern and bow, (obviously, i just wanted to use some boat lingo to feel rigid) then some minor glassing and labeling and an official christening, most of which i will likely forget to do or loose steam for, aside from the christening, which happens every ride regardless. so here we go, count down, day one/day 39. first step, laying in bed and thinking about an exposed body of water.  thinking about getting life jackets for this year. or a harpoon.